Post Holiday Health Check

Summer holidays are officially over

Most of us are now back into the routine of daily life. Although we are enjoying a bit of pleasantly warm September weather there is no better time to not only become Winter ready but also address your ongoing health issues or new concerns that have cropped up over the holiday period.

Mole Watch

Did you spend too much time on the sun lounger? One single episode of sunburn before the age of 20 doubles your lifetime risk of skin cancer, and any further incidents just add to the risk. Its difficult to survey your own moles that is why our experienced GPs are on hand to help and ideally placed to fast track you to our in house skin specialists if there are any clinical concerns.

Joint Aches

Returning to the daily grind can highlight existing joint issues.Humans are simply not designed to sit at a desk all day.Plus returning to the exercise after the summer recess can really take its toll.Here at the clinic we are well positioned to review any of your joint issues,order imaging and engage our expert in house physio’s or orthopaedic specialist should you require treatment or therapy. Suffering in silence and swallowing ibuprofen is not the answer, get it sorted!

Digestive Distress

Change in routine,diet and country over the holiday period can really impact your gut. While the bowel generally gets itself back on track pretty quickly in some cases symptoms linger longer beyond the arrivals hall. If this is the case you need a check up, waiting will at best only make you worry more and at worst might mean you miss something significant. Our GP clinic offers high tech testing for Gut bacteria, parasites and viruses and works closely with some on London’s top gastroenterologists.

Feeling exhausted

Although holidays are a time to kick back and relax they can occasionally be exhausting.If your tan has faded yet your stamina hasn’t returned it is probably time to pop in and get your basic blood tests screened. Anaemia, Thyroid problems, Vitamin deficiencies and even Diabetes could be the reason you haven’t got a spring in your step. If in doubt get checked out.

Tipping the scales

If the main souvenir you have left from holidays is too many kilos then now is the time to catch this before it accelerates. There are many medical reasons for weight gain but for the vast majority it is a calories in calories out equation. Having a high Body Mass Index will not just make you feel lethargic and sluggish it will also increased your risks of Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and in some cases even cancer. Don’t ignore the tight waist band ask our GPs to help by carrying out an assessment and most importantly forming an action pan to help you lose weight. Weight loss regimes have moved well beyond the old age mantra of “eat less and move more”. We have a host of specialists to help with weight loss at the London clinic ranging from Endocrinologists, to Dieticians, Physiotherapists and Bariatric surgeons.

Excessive Alcohol

The pool side cocktail is part and parcel of the summer break. Most holiday makers throw caution to the wind and couldn’t care less about the Government’s seemingly strict policy of weekly units. If you or others are worried about your drinking and the impact it may have had on your liver, take a test. We can now offer a specific test which is superior to the standard liver test to check liver health.

Embarrassing issues

Sometimes the souvenirs we are left with after a holiday are not the sort we want to put on show. If you are worried about piles,erectile dysfunction,the possibility of sexually transmitted infections, snoring, a rash, a lump, a bump or any ailments that may make you blush, don’t be, our GPs have decades of experience and have literally seen and heard it all before.

Make an appointment on our assurance that you will be treated in a confidential and competent manner,and will ultimately be really glad you came.