Contraceptive Advice & Services

Contraceptive choices can be confusing and we recognise that everyone is an individual.

We focus on your particular needs in relation to family planning and sexual health. Whether you need family planning or contraceptive advice, a smear test, or sexual health advice, we will offer you the best and most comprehensive service we can.

We offer advice on ALL contraceptive services and devices:

Combined oral contraceptive pills, patches, nuva-ring

Progestogen only pills

Depo-provera injections

Emergency contraceptives: Levonelle one step; Ellaone

Pre-pregnancy advice and screening.

Diaphragm sizing and fitting

Long acting reversible contraception:

Implant (Nexplanon) advice, fitting and removal

Coil insertion: Copper coils, Mirena & Jaydess (IUS hormone) coils

We perform advice, fitting, and removals of long acting reversible contraceptives. You will require a consultation to discuss the appropriateness of the contraceptive of your choice. Additional procedures and appointments may be required based on the ideal time to fit or remove a device, including the possibility of needing:

  • Sexual health & bacterial swabs
  • Pregnancy testing
  • A further follow up appointment at 4 weeks post coil insertion

To make an appointment or to discuss our services please contact our reception team

Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive Prices
(appointment & procedure)

Mirena/Jaydess IUS coil insertion

IUD/Copper coil insertion