HPV Testing & Gardasil Vaccination

At our clinic we endeavour to follow national best practice guidelines. The health service is slowly implementing an HPV screen as an alternative to traditional smear testing.

We are now offering this service to all of our patients who need a regular cervical smear. In the absence of HPV no further testing is done on the sample. If however the specimen tests positive for HPV a traditional smear test will be carried out. This is now in line with best practice guidelines. Unfortunately the manner in which we take the test remains the same!

There is a vaccination currently available to protect against 9 strains of HPV. This series of injections is normally given to school girls from the age of 12. Ideally the primary course should be taken before you become sexually active. Although boys cannot get cervical cancer, HPV infection can put them at risk of other types of genital cancer. This is why vaccination for boys is equally as important. Those over 18 who have missed out on vaccination programmes can still be vaccinated for if they need protection.

HPV vaccination schedule using Gardasil 9:

Vaccine 1: at first appointment

Vaccine 2: at 2 months after initial appointment

Vaccine 3: at 6 months after initial appointment

If you have any concerns about HPV, wish to enquire about your suitability for vaccination or have any queries about the new approach to cervical screening, do please get in touch.

If you wish to be tested, treated, or monitored for HPV related problems e.g. genital warts, abnormal smears, anal cancer, we offer a confidential service with prompt results and onward specialist referrals where needed.

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