Why Pixie is Running The Marathon

Call it madness or maybe a mid- life crisis, I’ve signed up for the London Marathon. To date I’ve mainly stuck to a slow 10k distance so why the big mileage?

At first I said no, then I said no way but then after learning more about the awesome work done by the Hope Foundation I said, where do I sign!

The Hope Foundation does what it says, it gives hope to the children of Kolata India. It enables them to be the best that they can be so they can lead healthy and happy lives. Whilst I never ever aspired to run a marathon, I will give it my best effort.
Why? because it’s my chance to make sure at least some of these kids and their families get some sort of chance to lead fuller safer and longer lives.26 miles is nothing if it helps educate a child or protect them from ill health or harm.
Check it out for yourself www.thehopefoundation.org.uk

Now can you see why I couldn’t say no… could you?

You can follow my progress on Twitter @DrPixie and show your support by donating through https://www.totalgiving.co.uk/mypage/PixieRun4Hope