Mens Health Questions

Mens Health – Door Handle Conversations

Men are notoriously reticent when it comes to discussing medical issues, often when having a consultation the real health issues arise when the patients hand is on the door handle of the consulting room and they are just about to leave. .

It’s important to realise that not all men have the bravado and confidence to share their neuroses, anxieties and bothersome ailments.

Shyness, embarrassment and fear can mean that important health concerns get missed. With over three decades of experience between them Dr Pixie and Dr Sera have pretty much seen it all before.

Amongst their Top 10 are:

“I’ve seen blood when I go to the toilet”
“I’m having problems in the bedroom”
“My wife says I snore too much”

Working at from our clinic we have direct access to the The London Clinic and can offer a range of services designed to treat the core cause which prompted these questions.

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