Pixie and Sera Patient Support Team

Meet our Expanded Patient Support Team

Along with appointing a new doctor we have also added to our Patient support team.

Andrew Bailey

We would like to welcome Andrew Bailey who transitioned to our practice earlier this year having held a role managing a team across 4 NHS practices in the Essex area. This is not Andrews’s first foray into private practice, for many years he worked for a long established Harley St GP. Andrew is highly experienced in dealing with a very busy practice and his goal is to ensure every call gets answered and every patient gets accommodated.

Matthew Ganly

Matt is an existing member of our team and has worked with us since 2018.He has a longstanding relationship with the London Clinic having working in the appointments office for 5years. Over this time he has built up strong relationships with our allied consultants, so he is our “go to” man if a specialist appointment needs to be found. Matt’s cheery disposition and attention to detail are an added bonus.

Agustina Pollaci

Agustina has become part of the furniture here at Pixie and Sera. Although she started off as front of house staff, now her main work focus is on accounts and billing. Through her networking and tenacity in dealing with insurance companies she aims to make the billing process as user friendly as possible. Her academic background is in finance, so she is best placed to deal with any of your financial queries. Agustina is well known around the London clinic, having worked in various departments over the years. She is a fluent Spanish speaker and is chief patient liaison officer for our Spanish visitors who fall ill.

Our patient support team are at the end of the phones and present in the practice across the week.
The team are available between 8.30am & 6.30pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am & 6pm on Fridays