Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicals

We are offering full Nutritional and Lifestyle Medicals that will help you determine what changes you need to make.
Nutrition plays a huge role in our bodies. Understanding where your nutritional deficiencies are cannot only help us understand the effect on your wellbeing, but can also allow us to look at the composition of your body: lean mass, fat mass and bone density.
Monitoring your lean mass and where you store your fat, can help us understand risk factors for health problems, help us manage weight programmes, target obesity and direct and monitor diet and exercise regimes.
Recognising troublesome fat deposition, lean mass composition and nutritional deficiencies will be at the heart of your management programme.

We offer:

– Full Medical examinations
– Metabolic syndrome screening:
– Family History
– Diabetes screening
– Insulin resistance
– Heart health and cardiovascular risk
– Nutrient assessment:
– Vitamin D, calcium, phosphate
– Protein, fat and calorie intake
– Full body fat analysis:
– Body Composition analysis using DEXA scanner

Blood test profiles:

Included Baseline blood tests:


– Full blood count
– Liver function
– Kidney function
– Uric acid,bone profile,calcium levels
– Vitamin D
– Cholesterol
– Iron stores
– Prostate profile


– As above excluding prostate profile

Extensive Additional tests based on history and assessment

Metabolic Syndrome Profile

– CholesterolProfile
– Glucose
– HbA1c (3 month diabetic screen)
– Insulin
– CRP (infection screening)
– Adiponectin (looking at insulin resistance and risk of diabetes)

Sports Performance Profile:

– Full blood count/ESR
– Biochemistry profile
– Omega3/Omega6
– Total Anti-oxidant status
– Ferritin
– HDL/LDL cholesterol
– Mineral screen(calcium,magnesium,zinc,iron,copper,chromium,manganese)
– VitaminB9(Red cell folate)
– VitaminB12(active B12)

Cardiovascular Risk Profile

– Cholesterol
– Triglycerides
– HDLCholesterol,LDLcholesterol
– Apolipoprotein A & B
– Lipoprotein (a)
– hsCRP
– Lp-PLA2(PLAC) test