Marathon Training Sports Specific Treatments & Analysis

For some people its “couch to 5k”, for Dr Pixie it’s about going the distance. Although she’s been a GP for decades, she is very much a novice runner and in need of all the help she can get. That’s why she’s switched roles from doctor to patient and summoned the help of the onsite services at The London Clinic. As a doctor Pixie realises that whilst she might be running the 26 miles alone, she shouldn’t be going it alone. As an athlete whether an amateur or a professional, preparation is key. Without it you open yourself up to injury and exhaustion and make the whole process less enjoyable. Pixie hopes that by sharing the good, the bad and the ugly of her journey it will assist or in some cases even inspire other runners.

Our GP practice is very privileged to have access to world class facilities and specialists at our fingertips. The expert Physiotherapy team at The London Clinic don’t just deal with injuries, they can also help with everything from fitness assessments, gait analysis to training programmes. It might sound absurd but they can actually teach you how to run, so you can both improve your pace and most importantly prevent injury. They can help you train and prepare for any event no matter how large or small. Utilising our onsite DEXA body composition scanner we can demonstrate muscle mass, fat mass and monitor progress throughout your training.

As GPs we are passionate about health awareness and health promotion. We appreciate that no two patients are the same which is why we specialise in bespoke lifestyle and health screening. Patients can consult us and literally build their own health screen. Our aim is ensure our clients ideas, concerns and expectations are met, rather than them simply turning up for a generic medical, we want to make it meaningful, useful and ultimately motivational.

Dr Sera is not only GP, she also has a specialist interest and post graduate qualifications in Sports and Exercise Medicine and Nutrition. Sera is ideally placed to deliver the exact package of care Dr Pixie needs to get her over the finish line in a good time, and in great shape. We would like to take you through their journey from consultation, to body composition scanning to the big event!!

Don’t worry you don’t even have to leave the sofa! These services are accessible to all of our patients and we want to demonstrate the experiences and services first hand so you know what to expect. Ready steady go…