Feel Festively Fabulous

Make sure it’s jingle all the way this Festive season …Dr Sera & Dr Pixie’s hints and tips

That final hurdle to get to Christmas is not always easy to reach and most of us feel exhausted, are lacking in sleep, and are trying to combat the seasonal infections. The looming Christmas parties and organisational chaos can affect not only our physical but also our emotional well being. It is important to check in with yourself, or at the very least with your physician to enable you to optimise your health at this time of year and enjoy that well earned rest.

Dr Pixie last month discussed winter proofing your-self, so do have another look at her hints and tips (http://pixieandsera.com/beat-the-cold/).

For the coming weeks:

– Optimise your nutrition and top up with pro-biotics: eat well despite the Christmas party food and festive treats.

Gastrointestinal irritation, acid indigestion, and tummy bugs are common at this time of year. Rich food, saturated fats, and high sugar content can upset your gastrointestinal flora. By boosting your gut flora with probiotics, and keeping your diet simple, healthy, and high in protein and veg will keep your gastric health in check.

– Drink plenty of fluids: water intake is vital, but commonly when we are busy we reach for the coffee, the high sugar drinks and caffeinated energy drinks. Reach for a bottle of water the next time you get that coffee craving.

– It’s not too late for your seasonal influenza vaccinations: flu season runs up until Feb / March and if you are prone to infections, suffer with chronic diseases like asthma, eczema, thyroid disorders to name but a few – PROTECT yourself.

– Winter vitamin and mineral boost: A simple blood test to check your iron, B12, folic acid and vitamin D levels, can highlight deficiencies which can predispose you to getting unwell, and feeling fatigued and listless. A healthy dose of multivitamins and minerals to get you through the winter season and increase your body’s defences to fight infection is a great idea. Optimise your sunshine vitamin: Vitamin D which helps our muscles, immune system, respiratory system and guts function well.

– Hand hygiene – Be aware of the ease of transmitting coughs, colds, gastric bugs from touch: public transport, contact with unwell colleagues, telephones, keyboards, hand rails and many more! Wash your hands after travelling on public transport, after contact with anyone that is unwell. A handy trick is to keep some antibacterial wipes or gels on you.

– Alcohol – Alcohol plays a big part over Christmas for many people. Just be careful: watch your intake – it soon accumulates over the safe recommended levels of 14 units per week. Binge drinking can affect your health, gastric tract, immune system and over time can affect your general well being and increase your risks of heart disease, liver disease and cancer.

– Enjoy yourself at Christmas, but be aware of your intake – accidents do happen under the influence. Don’t drink and drive, be careful with your social interactions and safety getting home. If you meet any new partners over the Christmas period – don’t forget that alcohol affects inhibitions -be careful of casual sexual encounters, be alert to the risk of sexually transmitted infections – condoms are freely available. Be cautious, be safe and be aware of risks around you.

Have a wonderful festive season, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any advice, health screening or pre-christmas motivation!