Cognitive Performance Medicals

Focussing on general health, performance and memory.

Are you having memory problems? Are you worried about your physical health and the effects of this on your performance?

Screening you with a focussed memory medical in addition to your health screen will help determine risk factors which may require further investigation. This medical will not only focus on your physical health but also on your cognitive function. By optimising your health, screening for vital blood markers and vitamins which affect your memory and mental agility we can determine risk factors for memory loss.
Your mental agility and memory can be affected by: blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, poor sleep, poor nutrition, infections, vitamin deficiencies to name but a few, and modifiable risk factors such as lifestyle, stress, physical activity and correcting underlying abnormalities can improve memory and cognition.
We will undertake your full 360 degree physical and mindfulness medical:
Your health history:
a memory and health questionnaire
assess your family history
assess your risk factors: smoking, alcohol, stress, sleep
address your current concerns
Your physical examination:
height, weight, abdominal circumference, height: waist ratio
Blood pressure, pulse, ECG
Full examination of your heart, lungs, abdomen, thyroid, ear, nose and throat
Specific women’s health (breast examination) & men’s health examinations (prostate and testicular
Eye test – distance vision; colour vision
Hearing test – if required
Lymph node examination
Your screening tests:
o Fullbloodcount,infectionmarkers,inflammationmarkers o Liver, kidney, bone profile
o Lipids:fullcholesterolprofile
o VitaminD
o Ferritin&iron
o ESR inflammation marker
o Diabetesscreen:HbA1c
o Urine culture – to look for infection, blood, protein
o B12,folate
o Bowelcancerscreeningtest
o (additional tests for sexual health blood screening – HIV, syphilis, hepatitis if required at additional
Your options for advanced imaging and referral to a neurologist:
MRI of your brain to look for changes to the blood supply and tissues:
o blood vessel changes ( from blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, alcohol)
o changes to brain which could suggest a form of dementia
o Assessment of the brain for changes that can happen after a stroke or bleed.
Your follow up to consolidate and discuss your results
Full medical examination, blood tests, and memory screening questionnaire, analysis of results, written report and follow up consultation to discuss: £1180
Additional sexual health blood tests if required: £135
MRI Brain with contrast: £795 Consultation with consultant neurologist £300
Full package: £2410