Corona Virus Advice

We are sure you are now aware of the inevitable spread of the Corona virus across the globe, with two confirmed cases of the virus in the UK. We thought it would be wise to inform our patients regarding the current situation and inform you of both our and government advice on what to do and precautions to take.

For a full and more detailed official response and updated advice please go to this page on the site.

Firstly although the virus is serious and can leave affected patients short of breath and with breathing difficulties. The highest risk groups are those people with pre existing debilitating conditions and weakened immune systems, the home office says…

“Based on current evidence, novel coronavirus (2019-nCov) presents with flu-like symptoms including a fever, a cough, or difficulty breathing. The current evidence is that most cases appear to be mild. Those who have died in Wuhan appear to have had pre-existing health conditions.”

Coronaviruses are not new and as a group are common across the globe. This particular outbreak is a new strain Novel coronavirus (2019-nCov) first identified in Wuhan City, China.

Currently because it is a new virus we do not know definitively how the virus is spread between individuals but similar viruses are normally spread via airborne cough particles. So if you do have a cough, catch it in a handkerchief, bin it and kill it; anti-bacterial hand sanitizers may also help.

Symptoms of coronavirus usually include a cough, a high temperature and feeling short of breath. Currently the risk of getting the illness in the UK is low.

The best thing you can do to combat the likelihood of infection is to make sure you pursue a healthy lifestyle and diet.