Our Fees

New Patient Consultation

  • 45 minute appointment to understand and tailor your consultation to your needs.
  • Establishing a full medical history
  • Bespoke health requirements
  • Current Concerns
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Registered Patient Consultation

  • 30 minute appointment for a consultation tailored to your needs.
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Telephone Consultations from

  • Enable you to consult with your doctor at prescheduled time
  • Broach medical concerns, referrals or prescription requirements
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Consultations via Email from

  • When phone calls are not convenient and you need to discuss your needs
  • Engage with your GP and share salient medical information via secure SSL email
  • 2 responses to help decipher your medical requirements
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Repeat Prescription Fee

  • Fast efficient repeat prescription service
  • Fax or email to local pharmacy
  • Arrangement of delivery to your work or home
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Blood Tests Available From

  • Blood tests are In addition to your consultation
  • Full blood screening £265
    Full blood count, liver function, kidney function, cholesterol profile, glucose, bone profile, thyroid, ferritin, vitamin D
  • Thyroid profile testing £150: TSH, T3, T4
  • Prostate screening £160: Prostate profile – total, free and prostate ratios
  • Diabetes profile £120 : HbA1c & Glucose
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Full Medical Examination
From £560

  • 60 Minute Duration
  • Examination of heart, lungs, abdomen, Ear Nose and Throat, Women (breast examination), Men (prostate examination), musculoskeletal examination, mole check
  • Height, weight, blood pressure, urinalysis
  • Blood tests: Full blood count, liver function, kidney function, cholesterol, glucose, bone profile, thyroid, ferritin, vitamin D
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Build Your Own Medical
From £560

  • 60 Minute Duration
  • Our standard medical with any additional test, referral or investigation at additional costs.
  • You decide what your needs are and we tailor the time and pre-empt any potential investigations required so you can if needed have everything done under one roof
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Full Sexual Health Screen From
£230 + Consultation

  • HIV, Hepatitis B, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea & bacterial testing
  • most infections can be screened for by means of a simple blood test and a urine sample.
  • We also have the capacity to offer postal self testing for those who are unable to attend the clinic.

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Important information.

Please note settlement of fees is required on the day of your appointment.

The practice does not accept insurance directly. It is your responsibility to ensure a letter of guarantee is provided should you wish to claim this through your insurance policy.

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For bespoke medical or specific cost queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.