Trust Your Gut

Bowel symptoms can be confusing and simply ignoring them is not the answer! We discuss a few common ailments, and those all important RED FLAG symptoms that need exploring further. Gut gone on a go slow? Constipation is a curse, making us feel heavy, bloated and uncomfortable. Causes include pregnancy, illness, immobility, medications (codeine based pain killers, iron supplements and …

The Marathon – Fuel up …. Ready, Steady, GO!

So we have shared the nutritional advice of what to eat and drink when you are running a marathon, but here are some practical tips to take on board the day before and on the day of the marathon FUEL CAN MAKE OR BREAK YOUR MARATHONGASTRO SYMPTOMS ARE COMMON SO HERE ARE A FEW DO’S AND DONTS The Day Before …

Marathon Nutrition

Marathon Nutrition Advice

Running a marathon needs a little more nutritional focus than running a 10k. Once you hit the hour plus mark, carbohydrates become an important nutrition strategy: You are at risk of depleting your sugar (glycogen) Meaning this can result in fatigue and reduced performance. Consuming carbohydrates in the form of an either a drink or food (jelly beans or gels) …

Why Pixie is Running The Marathon

Call it madness or maybe a mid- life crisis, I’ve signed up for the London Marathon. To date I’ve mainly stuck to a slow 10k distance so why the big mileage? At first I said no, then I said no way but then after learning more about the awesome work done by the Hope Foundation I said, where do I …

Registered Nutritionist

Dr Sera – Registered Nutritionist

Dr Sera is now a registered nutritionist to add to her extensive medical qualifications. Correct nutrition is vital when it comes to daily health, recovery and rehabilitation, and we are delighted to add nutritional consultations as another part of our clinic services.

Getting healthy and making lasting changes: your health is not just a fad

Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution, a health scare or an up-coming event, most of us at some point try some sort of lifestyle overhaul. The majority of us however either get fed up, focus on the wrong thing or set ourselves up to fail. The enthusiasm that you first start with can quickly turn to frustration. Mark Twain:“The only …

Christmas & New Year Practice Opening Hours 2017 – 2018

The whole team here at Pixie and Sera send you their warmest regards for the festive season. Thank you for being a part of our Practice throughout 2017. Keep warm, keep well and enjoy the festivities in moderation! Our Practice closures Last day of appointments: Friday 22nd December 8:30am. to 1:30pm. Closed 23rd December 2017 – 3rd January 2018 inclusive. …

Pixie and Sera is a designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre

Pixie and Sera designated a Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre

Pixie and Sera is now a designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre and has been authorised by NaTHNaC (as the regulatory body for England, Wales and Northern Ireland), to administer yellow fever vaccine in accordance with International Health Regulations (2005). This adds to our extensive range of services we can offer to our international, private and corporate clients.